If you can think it, you can MOLD IT! 

MOLD is a celebration of the design thinking. We aim to deliver a fun and engaging experiences to teach you how to turn your ideas into reality.

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Power of Design Thinking.

If you dare to innovate and view creativity as an essential skill, MOLD will empower you to change the world.

Design Learning Resources

We offer resources that can help a designer at different points of their journey.

Design Courses

Learn more about the benefits of design thinking and how to apply it to your life.

MOLD Challenges

These design thinking challenges get your brain active, while solidifying your design thinking skills.

Higher Education

Continuing your design education can help you sharpen your critical thinking skills for any type of career.

Design Careers

If want to learn more about or you're looking for a career in design, you're in the right place.

Why Design?

Enhances creativity & innovation

Human centered focus

Teaches technical and soft skills

Develops entrepreneurial skills

Increases critical thinking ability

Tangible way to solve problems


This is the design thinking philosophy we stand behind. It provides a creative process that can be incorporated to transform your ideas into reality.

"The MOLD challenge the students engaged the entire time, that's nearly impossible to do."

-David Landry (Educator)

"MOLD is aligning its education to today’s world. It’s being more creative with its educating. While still challenging students’ creativity and thinking. It’s giving students’ a new experience in education."