Sneaker Design Challenge

Purchase Sneaker Design Challenge KitSneaker Design Challenge Notebook


1. Download sneaker design notebook and gather materials.

2. Select challenge option from list below.

3. Use the MOLD IT process to design and prototype your sneaker.

Challenge Options:


Carrington has recently had a her 2 of her toes amputated due to a dirt bike accident. Her toe loss is causing a loss of balance which is hindering her on the basketball court and with Homecoming is coming up she concerned about her balance in heels. Design a basketball shoe or heel for Carrington.


Fred wants to start a new footwear brand for kids. He loves nature and animals so he wants his company to be Eco-friendly and inspired by animals. Design an Eco-friendly shoe for Fred inspired by your favorite animal.


Create the sneaker of your wildest dreams. You have to create your own theme and run with it.